Review: Batgirl #45

Wedding bells are ringing in Burnside.  Barbara’s former roommate Alysia Yeoh is getting married and Babs is the maid of honor.  Things start out going great until a ghost from the past returns as Dick Grayson comes in through the window and quite literally steals her away.

The Positive

45_1Immediately I was hit by the unique coloring.  Serge Lapointe’s colors make this book feel like a wedding.  It’s like the entire book takes place at the magic hour.

As the book opens, Barbara has everything under control.  Of course, we know this won’t last long.  Dick shows up and throws her whole world into disarray.  I must confess I have not been following Dick’s story in the Grayson book, but it’s clear here that between the Batgirl annual and now he revealed to her that he is not dead.  Although it seems clear that she is on the short list of people who know the truth.

Barbara is doing her best to control the situation and not let Dick ruin this day.  She stays in control and tries to figure out what is going on with him.  We do get a good scene as they flashback to an early adventure where Dick tried to take on Killer Moth and Barbara had to save him.

The Negative

Instead of talking to Barbara, Dick leads her on a chase across the rooftops, all in an attempt to show her he still has feelings for her.  Dick doesn’t seem to understand or care that she is too busy to play his games, or that he is spoiling her friend’s wedding.  Dick’s actions are a bit confusing, it seems like he isn’t sure what to do with himself.


The Verdict

This is an issue that is light on action but has lots of heart. The only real reason that Barbara even puts on the costume is to keep her dress from getting messed up.  It’s mostly a love story between Alysia and Jo, Barbara and Luke, and then Dick is trying to find his place in it all.