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DC fans the festive season is upon us and there is no better way to treat yourself or perhaps a loved one to something special from the DC Entertainment range. With a wide scope to choose from online, we decided to focus on two areas in both comic books & action figures.

DC Entertainment christmas dc comics news

You may be aware that in November DC released wave one of their DC Icons range, and within that range we got our hands on Green Arrow ‘The Long Bow Hunters”, and Batman ‘Last Rights’. The Icons range has been designed by Ivan Reis and sculptured by Sam Greenwell. Both iconic characters are my two favourite DC super heroes, and would make a wonderful christmas gift for someone lucky enough to get their hands on them.

Both the quality and moveable points are impressive, giving you a wide range of options to how you want your collection to look on your collector shelf. We had a go at displaying the heroes of Gotham and Star City, take a look below (click on the images for the full view)


When looking at the comic books, I couldn’t go past book one (of an eight part series) in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III. This epic finale in the Dark Knight story is hot to trot right now. Having just recently hit shelves, if you haven’t got your hands on this story yet, then this is a great Christmas gift!

Book One titled, The Master Race kicks off the series with a bang. Typical Miller style in the grit, story, and pace. Something special that DC has also incorporated into the book is another comic, you will see it when you reach the centre of the story. It’s been carefully crafted and placed within a beautiful semi-folded divider with a brilliant image of the Dark Knight. Check out the images below.

To take a look at the extensive DC Entertainment range, click here to start your Christmas Shopping.


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