Update on Superman’s Suit from Batman v Superman

New updates on Batman v Superman film! The costumer designer, Michaeil Wilkinson was on Brazil’s CCXP talking about the suits he has designed for the movie… in particular, Superman’s suit that will be used when Superman flies.

The director, Zack Synder wanted the suit to be influenced by the quote, “Where we had thought to stand alone, we will be with all the world.” by mythologist Joseph Campbell.

“We decided to translate that into Kryptonian and we decided to put that on the ‘S’ on his chest, through his cuffs, his belt, through his bicep, just to give a little extra something for the fan with very sharp vision to appreciate,” said Wilkinson. He added, “With the Superman costume we have a new material. The suit is a little bit more shear so you really get the sense of this metal undercut coming through the blue oversuit… Every time you do a character you get the opportunity to make them even more compelling and exciting.”

You can see the interview in full or start at the costume discussion at 49:56

Hillary Weiss

Hillary Weiss

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