The Flash Season 2 Ep. 9 “Running to Stand Still”

It seems that Barry Allen may be in the fight of his life during the holidays as Weather Wizard breaks out Captain Cold and The Trickster in this week’s episode of The Flash. Weather Wizard breaks Captain Cold out because Cold did the same for him awhile back, while The Trickster was released because Weather Wizard “likes his crazy”. Now The Flash must deal with three villains all set to kill him, while Joe and Iris deal with a revelation on their own about Francine–Joe’s estranged wife and Iris’ mother.


The Positives

This was an awesome mid season finale. Everything from the fight scenes between Weather Wizard and Flash to the comic sickness of Mark Hamill as The Trickster it was amazing. Tonight’s episode was literally a rollercoaster ride as it seemed each character had a personal situation. Not to reveal too much but Dr. Wells makes a deal with Zoom, Iris and Joe deal with Francine’s secret, and Patty has a personal vendetta against Clyde Mardon aka Weather Wizard due to a past murder of someone she cares about. I actually like this reveal because it gave Patty and Barry more in common than just work. Barry became apart of the police force because of personal loss–its revealed that Patty did the same, and I like how they clash about justice vs. revenge. It was a really solid take on the story that unfolds between Patty and Barry–and I like Patty more and more with each episode. Joe and Iris gave a very emotional performance as well. When Iris reveals to Joe Francine’s secret, the tears and emotion that show on Joe’s face really make you feel sorry for him. With all the action of this episode, it was good that the writers give you a break in between to process what’s going on between Joe and Iris. At the end of the episode we become welcome to a special treat to the West home during a Christmas party and I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see this new addition to the show.


The Negatives

I’m greedy and I wanted more Captain Cold. Wentworth Miller is awesome and he makes Captain Cold so cool–yep ice puns–you knew it was coming. After the breakout Cold warns Flash about Weather Wizard only because Flash and Cisco saved his sister a few episodes ago. Barry tells Cold that he’s a horrible villain–and that there’s a code of honor underneath the criminal demeanor. If you’ve seen the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow you’d know that ultimately Barry was right, and I enjoy seeing Captain Cold slowly make his transition from villain to hero. I enjoyed Weather Wizard, especially with his new abilities, however seeing the three rogues take on The Flash would’ve been awesome. I know the writers are putting Captain Cold on the shelf for Legends more than likely, but Cold along with Dr. Wells from season 1 are one of the few villains you actually find yourselves rooting for in certain moments. I think that by itself says alot about the development of the characters by the writers of The Flash. You know Captain Cold and Barry are enemies–yet a part of you inside will still side with Captain Cold–amazing writing!!


The Verdict

I thought that The Flash mid-season finale was great! The writers keep pushing the boundaries every week and it seems that they don’t believe in playing it “safe” with their characters and I love it. This episode shows us that Barry isn’t the only one with issues, and the way he helps everyone–as The Flash and as Barry Allen is amazing. Although Barry of course isn’t real it seems pretty accurate what Iris said–no matter what you’re going through or dealing with when you’re around Barry it seems irrelevant. His presence alone changes the whole mood of the room and we see it in this episode from how he helps everyone with their different situations. Tonight’s episode showed us how important both The Flash and Barry Allen are to his friends and not only Central City. Well done writers–well done!!


Steven Brown

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