Batman: Arkham Knight New Concept Art for Batmobile & Red Hood


Batman: Arkham Knight will be getting an upgrade on art from Jonathan D. Kirtz.

His website was updated with Batmobile and Red Hood weaponry concept art. “In May 2013, I was tasked by TriForce with doing 2nd iteration work on the Batmobile for the upcoming game, Batman: Arkham Knight, for PS4/X1/PC,” Kirtz wrote. “My objective was to take Rocksteady’s rough model and design a better looking Batmobile while keeping the main shaping and transforming capabilities; mostly a cosmetic job.”

Altough they are rough copies, we get lots of details on the final design of the batmobile and Red Hood weaponry. You can see the images below.

Hillary Weiss

Hillary Weiss

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