Stephen Amell Contracted To Play Oliver Queen Until 2019

The CW launched Arrow in 2012, following the return of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) to Starling City where he sets out to save his home as a masked vigilante, utilizing a bow and arrow. The network has since launched a full shared universe of DC Comics television shows, including The Flash and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow. As part of the shared universe, stars of each series have appeared on Arrow and The Flash, with the two shows featuring crossover events each year.

Recently, rumors have circulated that Arrow star Stephen Amell would be leaving Arrow after season 5 – the show is currently in its fourth season – in order to join fellow CW series Supernatural. Fortunately, Amell has responded to the rumors and offered fans details on how long he is contractually obligated to play Oliver Queen.

The rumors have speculated that Supernatural would feature Amell in an upcoming wrestling-themed episode and would eventually leave Arrow entirely to hunt demons full-time with the Winchester brothers. Though rumors of Amell hanging up his hood were soon dropped by the man himself in a Facebook post, where he stated that he is contractually obligated to play the role of Oliver Queen until 2019.

You can read Amell’s full response below:



With that, any rumors of Stephen Amell leaving Arrow to play a role in Supernatural in the near future have been dropped and I’m sure we can expect the show to run for a very long time, along with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. But if Amell ever gets the urge to dabble in the paranormal, John Constantine could probably use the extra hands.

Source(s): Screen Rant