DC Comic’s Co-Publishers Tease Upcoming ‘Rebirth’

It seems a rebirth is coming for DC Comics, but what does it mean?

Yesterday afternoon, DC Entertainment’s Co-Publishers, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, sent out a cryptic image of blue curtain with the word “REBIRTH” on it.  Check it out below:

What does this mean?  The rumor floating around is that DC has been preparing for another company-wide reboot, but not a continuity reboot.  Instead, it would be a role-back, starting their titles back off at #1 which would re-focus the line on characters that are popular or being worked on for film and TV, with secondary characters pushed to the backburner in a significant fashion.

This would be very different from their 2011 relaunce, known as “The New 52”, which brought with it not only a new numbering but and a whole new continuity.  This was all thrown into upheaval last year with their “Convergence” event, which brought back every single multiverse from the past.

According to DC’s April 2016 solicitations, several of their titles will be wrapping up in May, the same month that all of the remaining original New 52 titles will be hitting issue #52.  With this news, it looks like the new DC “rebirth” will be taking place this June.

Are you excited for this change?  Are you nervous?  Let us know in the comments!