Review: The Flash Season 2 Ep. “The Reverse Flash Returns”

The Reverse- Flash is back in Central City! Barry has to deal with the return of Reverse- Flash while at the same time dealing the fallout of the end of his relationship with Patty. As Barry struggles to deal with capturing the Reverse Flash a shocking discovery is made– that this moment in time is his origin story!


The Positives

This episode of the Flash did not disappoint. Although as always I enjoyed the amazing fight scenes and CGI that the show constantly impresses me with, I think that in this particular episode however the supporting cast stands out above all. I loved how Cisco and Earth 2 Dr. Wells work so well together–but argue so much. This episode gave us that perfectly and shows us exactly how strong the minds of Cisco and Wells are once again when working together. I finally got my wish when I saw Iris and Wally confront each other which made for a very touching and emotional scene. The writers of the Flash get high marks from me for not only giving Barry great storylines, but also his supporting cast as well. Everyone has a story to tell on the Flash–and the writers make sure you know it.


The Negatives

My only complaint about this episode is the relationship between Patty and Barry. I love Patty Spivot—let me make that clear. However last episode she dumped him–this episode however we find Patty trying to talk to Barry to work things out. It just confused me slightly. I’d rather Patty would’ve just said her goodbyes and departed. Instead every scene Patty and Barry had felt like one long goodbye. I seriously do hope that Patty returns however as a love interest to Barry. The two look great and have a good chemistry together. Another complaint I have is on the character of Jay Garrick. When Jay first came onto the Flash I expected him to have a mentor role–to help Barry get faster and to also use his speed in different ways. Instead we still have Jay without his speed–but finding time to constantly flirt with Caitlin Snow. Now I don’t mind Jay and Caitlin dating, I think it’ll be a great addition to the show however I want to see Jay in a greater capacity than just Caitlin’s boyfriend. I believe that the writers are putting him on the shelf somewhat to be used in a greater capacity later in the season. Maybe Jay and Barry vs Zoom perhaps?


The Verdict

I thought this episode of the Flash was a great episode. It was once again filled with action and great dialogue between all the characters. I love how they made this story an introduction into the origin of the Reverse-Flash and it gives greater credence to the heart that these writers have. Every week they take the Flash to better heights and they aren’t afraid to give the supporting characters their own stories as well. Great job!


Steven Brown

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