Jada Pinkett Smith Returning As Fish Mooney In Gotham Season 2

TV Line reports that actor Jada Pinkett Smith has signed on to reprise her role in Gotham as crime boss and presumed fish food, Fish Mooney. A rep for the show has confirmed that she will make her return in the second half of season 2 but gave no details as to how it will happen.

Fish was last seen in the Batman prequel’s Season 1 finale getting pushed into a watery grave by the Penguin. At the time, showrunner Bruno Heller hinted that the villainess could live to see another day. “I would definitely not assume anything in a town like Gotham,” the EP warned. “It’s very unpredictable, the comic book world.”

Though not many details have been given, it’s not too hard to believe that she has been alive and preparing for a comeback the entire time, as the comic book world IS unpredictable. Not to mention, the experiments being performed by Hugo Strange could come into play here.

Without any word on how the popular character will resurface, all we can do is speculate her return and watch the story unfold when Gotham resumes its second season.

Gotham continues its second season on Monday, Feb. 29 on FOX.

Source(s): Comic Book, TV Line