Teen Titans #16 “The Sum of Its Parts”

Welcome to Gotham City! The Teen Titans make a trip to Gotham City looking for Red Robin during the story arc- “Robin War”! Upon entering Gotham the Titans are beaten by Professor Pyg and are currently back at the Robin’s Nest to regroup and think about things. However an unknown enemy breaks up the Titans current plans of leaving Gotham…


The Positives

“The Sum of Its Parts”, written by Will Pfeifer and penciled by Miguel Mendonca is a good read. If you’re a fan of Red Robin and Kid Flash then this is definitely your issue!! Although all the Titans show off their abilities in this issue Kid Flash and Red Robin stand out. Why? Because of their friendship. Will does a great job of showing us how close the Titans are in the issue, even after they get beaten. After the loss to Pyg, the Titans aren’t blaming each other, but rather collect the loss as a team. To me that says a lot. Will also does a great job in showing how much faith they have in their leader Red Robin. You can tell in this issue Red Robin aka Tim Drake is definitely a disciple of Batman. Soon as he makes an appearance the Titans immediately look to him for a plan–and it just so happens he has one. Kid Flash’s belief in Tim is unwavering and I respect that. It almost reminds me of the relationship their counterparts Flash and Batman share and it shows in aces in this issue.


The Negatives

My only complaint here really is that we pretty much had a “villain of the week” issue here. Now I know that every issue can’t turn into a large story-arc but I expected more after I finished reading. Basically the Durlans–and advanced alien race, has come to Earth to bring the Titan known as Chimera back to their world because she is one of them. Obviously the Titans are against this, and it turns into an all out fight. However there’s not really a clear winner here–and that’s frustrating. There’s a lot of great action provided in this issue, but the ending left me scratching my head more than anything. Hopefully we will see Chimera either escape from the Durlan or they release her. I say this cause we really haven’t seen her develop fully as a character yet–and she’s already gone.

NTT16 02_1

The Verdict

I thought that Teen Titans #16 was a good read. Will Pfeifer and Miguel Mendonca give us plenty of great action–and you know I’m big on that. Also along with that action we have great dialog among the team as a whole. I love how they put full trust in the leadership of Tim Drake and how they even admit that when he’s not around they don’t know what to do. It shows his growth under the mentorship of The Batman. I just wish we had a clear winner in the big brawl in the end–I guess I’m just greedy that way! If you’re a fan of Tim Drake who really shines in this issue or Kid Flash then this is perfect for you! Definitely worth it!



Steven Brown

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