Review: The Flash S2 Episode 15: “King Shark”

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King Shark has escaped…and he’s coming for the Flash! When King Shark escapes from A.R.G.U.S, Lyla, who is the new head of A.R.G.U.S and Diggle head to Central City to warn Barry. However Barry is having his own issues after feeling the guilt from Jay’s death. Can Barry get over his self guilt in time to defeat King Shark?


The Positives

King Shark looks fantastic! Let me start off by saying that right from the beginning. Just when I think the writers of The Flash have gone far enough–they hit another milestone. I think this episode was that milestone. The CGI effects look amazing as always and the final conflict between the Flash and King Shark was epic. Seeing the Flash race across water with King Shark swimming in hot pursuit was an awesome scene. Not to spoil it but King Shark is one of the few metahumans not to die in an episode so its safe to say he will definitely be making a return. The side characters do a great job here as well. We actually see Wally and Barry trade barbs at each other right in Iris and Joe’s face and I loved it. I’m glad there’s a little conflict between Barry and Wally and although none of it is really Barry’s fault we get the real feeling of animosity that Wally has towards Barry for basically being the son that Joe had–and not Wally. I hope this isn’t a feeling that’s quickly forgotten about in the next episode. I want to see Wally and Barry in conflict for awhile, so that way when they do come to terms their relationship will be that much better. I loved the interaction between Diggle and Barry as well. As I mentioned earlier Barry starts off this episode feeling nothing but burden and guilt. Diggle tells him that the look Barry has is all too familiar– Oliver has it all the time. Diggle tells Barry that he shouldn’t carry the weight of the world on his shoulders– no matter how fast he is, it’ll slow him down–and he was right.


The Negatives

My only complaint about this episode is its ending. Not that it wasn’t a good ending but I just wanted more King Shark! As you can probably tell if you’re an avid reader of my reviews I’m a greedy guy–I always want a little extra! Here at the end we get a great fight scene that’s crammed into maybe seven minutes or so–I just wanted more than that. This is a good thing for the writers of The Flash though–you always leave the crowd wanting for more and that’s exactly what they did with this episode. I was so into it I immediately watched it the next day online–just to see if I missed anything.

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The Verdict

“King Shark” was a great episode! The CGI was amazing, the action scenes were fun to watch and the supporting characters always do well. The Flash is one of the very few shows where I actually care about the supporting cast. Joe, Iris, Cisco and Caitlin make the show run so well with their own stories. I actually get concerned when they are hurt, I feel sadness when they experience pain–and that says a lot. It’s a great thing when you can get people so torn with such a great supporting cast and their own stories outside of Barry’s. I can’t wait until next week!!


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