Gary Oldman Tells Tips On How To Play Commissioner Gordon To J.K. Simmons


We all know and seriously love how Gary Oldman has portrayed our beloved Commissioner Gordon in the Dark Knight series and can’t wait to see what else Gary Oldman does in general. However, we will not be seeing him in the new Batman series. Alas it is a sad thing but we do get to see J.K. Simmons take up the blue-collar role of Commissioner Gordon. With all of the new cast on the scene for Batman with the movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice we all look forward to the new Commissioner Gordon

Even with J.K. Simmons being an Academy Award winning actor Gary Oldman still tells some tips on how to play Commissioner Gordon. In the interview with Yahoo! he breaks down Gordon’s character and how he is such a straight arrow that it is just such a great thing to be able to portray in a character as well as how to get into the mind-set to play him. Gary says that it is easiest to think of Gordon as Watson to Holmes as Gordan is to Batman. If you want to hear all of the interview click on the video below.

Brandon Richardson

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