‘Krypton’ Almost Green On SyFy


Krypton, a concept show being championed for SyFy, is closer than ever to receiving the go-ahead to begin production. According to Entertainment Weekly, a deal is almost ready to be made. After being in development for two years by David S. Goyer (executive producer), and with a pilot co-written with Ian Goldberg, this show may finally see the light of day.

Set a full two generations before Superman’s story, the House of El has been shamed, and it’s up to Supergrandpa (that’s his actual name, I’m not kidding…okay, maybe I’m kidding a little) to restore his family’s name and save Krypton (spoiler alert: he fails!) from certain doom.

If given the green light, the pilot will be directed by one-time Doctor Who and Sherlock director Colm McCarthy.

With the success of Gotham, a precursor to Batman’s famous crusade against crime, could this show be just what Superman needs to draw in fans? Or does DC even really NEED another television show? SyFy has also changed course in recent months, putting an emphasis on more original and interesting science fiction programming instead of continuing to ride the wave of success brought on by such ridiculousness as Sharknado. Are they the right place for a show about Superman’s ancestors?

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Roy Ranous

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