Review: Robin: Son of Batman #12

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Damien Wayne has had a rough life. In Batman #666 and again in the mini-series Damien: Son of Batman, he is predicted to be the end of the world. Bruce Wayne racked his brain trying to think of way a and how to stop it. Eventually Bruce simply decided to raise his son as any parent would and now Damien has become an amazing young man. He’s a jerk and cocky, but good hearted. In issue 12 of Robin: Son of Batman, the final fight against Suren Darga comes to a cataclysmic conclusion!

Robin #12 his cause

There are glaring similarities between Suren and Damien and in this issue we get to see just how far Damien has come in the last 5+ years of comics. This issue stands not as a coming of age story, but as a way to reflect on how being with Batman has changed Damien for the better, and how being with his father has made him a better person.

Dc comics news Damein Batman Talia Maya

They even find time to show that Damien has regular problems like any kid, like feeling a little odd or let down when your parents fight. He is also growing up and finding his own family, that of friends outside of blood.

Robin #12 I have my family

The Good

This issue has a great story and conclusion for both the characters and events of the arc as well as for Robin #12 page 3Damien as a character. It’s great to see the family reunion of Batman, Robin, Goliath & Talia and how they react to each other.


The Bad

With all of this amazing paralleling going on between Damien and Suren, the changes that have taken place over Maya’s arc need to be roughed out more. Perhaps they will in a later issue?


Overall, Robin: Son of Batman #12 is great! Having started reading comics around the time he appeared it is great to see how he would react to himself from all those years ago. I can’t wait to see how he interacts to Jonathan Kent in Supersons!


Konrad Secord-Reitz

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