Top 10 Things To Know About The New DC Universe: Rebirth

Are you planning on diving back in to the world of DC Comics with this highly anticipated Rebirth?

If so, then you’ll want to check out this DC All Access comics clip, as they list off the Top 10 things you should know about the current DC Universe before che king out the world-changing DC Universe: Rebirth.

Check it out below:

  • Rae Smith

    Hm. I was hoping there would be news of Tim Drake, but I have heard some about the comic with him, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Batman, and Kate Kane. It’s really the only one I’m interested in getting atm because Tim means a lot to me as a character since he really isn’t (or wasn’t–we’ll see) your typical superhero. He’s someone I can identify with, being introverted and excellent at being ahead of everyone else while being a massive dork. His everchanging backstory seems to suggest some emotional neglect, which is part of what makes it harder for him to connect with people, I guess. Though, I don’t even know with New 52.

    I really hope he’ll come back. As a similar personality at times, it means a lot. And it’s not often we see a fairly mainstream character deal with stuff like depression and feeling unwanted. Not in the same sense as I’ve seen with Tim. He may not be perfect, but he’s good.

    If we can get a decent Jason Todd out of the Rebirth, I will be happy. I feel like his character is fundamentally misunderstood by writers at DC sometimes. He’s angry and willing to kill, yes, but that’s not all he is. He’s motivated by pain at injustice in his life, and he’s seen a lot of that, from the time he was a kid to his death and further on.

    It’s way too much to hope for to see a good Bette Kane or a Helena Wayne, but a girl can dream.

    Thanks for the video, it makes me consider checking out some of the comics.