Review: Superman Rebirth #1

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Superman: Rebirth #1 has flown in and is now available for purchase and in the inception of a new Superman arc there is a groundbreaking reality we have to come to terms with. DC has killed off Superman, but not entirely. What we now see and will become accustomed to is an older, married post Crisis Superman who has been living on in the “New 52” universe with Lois Lane and his super powered son Jonathan since the Convergence event. He will be our Superman moving forward, the story lays this out as our base to move forward on.


I loved the flashback to one of my favourite comic book battles in Superman vs Doomsday. Clark Kent, in his encounter with Lana Lang, takes her through his history and we get walked through the inner sanctum of that vicious battle that killed Superman. I’ve said it before, artwork is very important to a story for me, and the artwork in this story really brings that battle to life. Superman: Rebirth #1 really embodies the word and concept of a “Rebirth” in each and every panel of this book.


Well if you see it this way, Superman is dead. However, the end of one story is always the start of another. So it isn’t really as bad as what it sounds. I am sure the majority of you will agree once you read the story. Keen for your comments on that!


Superman: Rebirth #1 kick starts a new beginning, sets a nice foundation and introduces us to our new (old) Superman. The story is well paced, balanced, and is the perfect introduction to what I’m sure will be a brilliant series.


Damian Fasciani

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