Review: Detective Comics #935

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[Editor’s note: This review contains spoilers.]

Family. Friends. Trust. Faith.

Detective Comics 935 it's over

What does it mean to have these things? In Detective Comics #935 we see exactly what these things mean to the newly assembled Bat-Family, or maybe Bat-Army is more appropriate. Batwoman has created a perfect training zone for the new recruits and has even been teaching Clayface some new tricks.


In this issue we get to see how Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Cassandra Cain are beginning to work together but also how they’re adjusting to life. We learn that Drake and Brown have moved in together and are navigating life as they grow up. Drake is also putting a lot of time into the new training arena which is soon to become a base inside of Gotham for the Bat-Family.


Detective Comics 935 can i borrow thisBatman has given Cassandra and place to live but we learn she is reluctant to use, as she crashes on the couches of her friends. There is even a brief and charming moment where we see a bit of humanity finding it’s way back onto the malleable face of Basil Carlo. This issue even gives us a preview of the enemy Batman has been fearing. They attack him in the Batmobile and destroy it, agonizing fans of the animated series.

Detective Comics 935 batmobileThe Positives

This issue shows a lot of development in all of the characters, about their trust in their partners, and what they want for themselves. The art is fantastic and has a very polished look that fits the high tech world of Batman.

The Negatives

The villains we see in this issue feel a little too much like the Arkham Knight from Rocksteady’s last game. I enjoy the cross references that we see between comic, movie, and game but it was a little too much.


  Overall, a fun read with some great character development. This arc is really gonna be awesome and let us see what happens when Batman starts letting others in.

Konrad Secord-Reitz

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