The Justice League has their Villain!

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It was announced today that the Justice League has their first villain lined up for November 2017’s Justice League! Is it a deformed monster from a far off black-hole? A kryptonite powered android? Perhaps a God of Apokolips? Were getting close! It’s Steppenwolf!

  Dc Comics News Justice League Steppenwolf

First appearing in New Gods #7 in 1972 he has been portrayed and redesigned with each new decade in the wondrous world of DC Comics. In 2011’s New 52 reboot he is portrayed in Earth 2 as a world conqueror. In this alternate world he leads the Parademons to Earth in an all out onslaught to take control. The Justice League of that world fight of the invasion but in the process Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman perish.


In other stories from the archives of DC Comics he has killed gods, slain Amazonians, and slapped around the best of them. He is also the uncle of Darkseid, the biggest, baddest, monster in the DC Universe.


What does this mean for the Justice League led by Batman and Wonder Woman in Snyder’s cinematic universe? Will we be seeing the death of more Justice Leaguers? Will we get to meet Darkseid before he gains control? OR will we get to see Batman crash one of his new and upgraded Batmobiles into this titan?


There are two great trademarks to let you know you are dealing with Steppenwolf; his armor and death. Snyder and his team have crafted some seriously crazy looking armor for their take on God killer.  He appears to be more monster than man which speaks better too his nature anyways.




November 17, 2017 Steppenwolf will challenge the Justice League to a no holds barred match that will end in destruction and maybe even more coffins to fill beside Superman’s.Dc Comics News Justice League

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