Review: Detective Comics #936

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Alvaro Martinez

Detective 936 they beat batman

The Dark Knight Detective has put out the call and training has begun. With Batwoman’s military experience she has been tasked with training the new team. He wants them prepared for the unthinkable and the unforeseen. But what happens when someone takes out the Batman before they are prepared? An armed military organization has managed to infest Gotham. They have tracked the new Bat-Family, familiarizing themselves with every detail they can. Armouring themselves after the Bat, they emulate him in every way, even to the point of being able to take him down.

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Backed into a corner, Kate Kane must lead the new team against this organization of unknown origin. Will this team of fresh recruits be able to stand a chance against their experienced foe? Or will they fall before they ever have the chance to take to the night sky?

The Positives

This issue is putting a new team against a force that pushes them to their limit! They are out-trained, underprepared, and out gunned. Detective #935 continues this unique situation where Batman is being put in new situations. First trusting people and letting them in, now he’s been bested by copy cats. Watching this new Bat-Family deal with this force, and how they will work through the coming issues is going to be a joy.

The Negative

This issue felt fairly serious and intense. There was one cute line spoken by Clayface but a little more humor would have lightened the issue and made it feel longer. The reveal at the end of who the enemy is and what they want feels anti-climactic, having that reveal in a later issue would have served the story much better.


This issue rocked, we have met the enemy, and they are strong! The coming issues of Detective are going to be awesome!



Konrad Secord-Reitz

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