Review: Harley Quinn #1

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Connor
Artist: Chad Hardin

She’ll have her waxy, animal farm puddin’ and eat it too!

This introduction issue was amazing! It begins with Harley HARLEY_1_4introducing herself and her past. She then goes on to introduce her Harleys, a rag tag group of flamboyantly dressed people in the Harley Quinn motif. Next comes a large group of, from what I can tell, a freak show, with its very own goat-boy.

This issue is truly something else. Having never read a Harley Quinn graphic novel or issue before I must say, she’s got so much personality! Readers will see why the psychiatrist gone psycho has such a tremendous following. This issue lays the ground work for the reader to understand absolutely everything they need to live in her world — and, not to mention, love her jokes!


This issue cracks so many jokes and innuendos that it is a laugh riot. But besides the humor, there is a lot of passion in Harley that most people don’t understand until you read her. Her connection with each character is unique and she likes to blur the line between friends and lovers…and enemies at times. This issue is a fantastic jump on point, but also a continuation of her story.


Being a jump-on point, it felt very, very wordy! Until about half way through it was rather dense which makes it a slower issue to get through.


This issue is fantastic, as I’m sure the whole series to follow will be. Harley Quinn‘s pages are bound to be stocked full of interesting and odd characters. Harley is going to have such peculiar and interesting connections so that even without the action, this would be a good read.



Konrad Secord-Reitz

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