Cyborg To Make An Appearance In ‘The Flash’ Film

So far across the DC Cinematic Universe, the Scarlett Speedster has made several appearances. First, in Batman V Superman in a little cameo spot that sent chills down my spine. An even more exciting, and longer, look at The Flash was offered up during the first official Justice League trailer. Last but not least, and possibly my favorite Flash moment, was a quick look during Suicide Squad. He had the speed and the wit when going up against Captain Boomerang. With the big three (Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman) already being the main powerhouses of the DCCU, it is evident that DC and Warner Bros. are looking to make The Flash the thread that holds the Justice League together. Three good arguments to back that theory would be The Flash’s exposure thus far, some people’s preconceived notions about Aquaman, and the obvious fact that Cyborg is a lesser known character to fans outside of the comic community. This leads perfectly into why the people behind The Flash movie would want to bring in Cyborg alongside Barry Allen.


Variety reported today that Ray Fisher will be making an appearance as Justice League and Teen Titans member Cyborg. The source providing this information to Variety was left anonymous and after further prodding, Warner Bros. declined to comment. Cyborg made his first appearance in Batman V Superman when Bruce cracked Lex’s file on meta-humans. In my opinion, Cyborg had the most exciting cameo in BvS featuring his origin. He also makes a quick showing in the Justice League trailer in which he looks astonishing. In the article it was unclear how much of a mark the Cyborg would leave on the film however it would be nice to see a bit more than just a cameo.

The Flash film starring Ezra Miller will hit theatres sometime in 2018 and will be directed by Rick Famuyiwa. Famuyiwa found high recognition after the Sundance Film Festival smash, Dope. Ray Fisher will be portraying half-man, half-machine Cyborg in a solo film in 2020.

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