Baywatch Star Wants To Be Lead In Joss Whedon’s Batgirl

If you haven’t heard that Joss Whedon is looking at doing a Batgirl movie, then let me fill you in. He is both writing and directing this movie and the role for Batgirl has yet to be filled. Baywatch‘s Priyanka Chopra, who you may also recognize from her role in the hit drama series Quantico on ABC, was asked recently if she would be willing to appear in a superhero movie. Here is her response to the question:

My dream part is, now that I’m working in America, I definitely want to do a superhero part. When I think of American movies, they’ve had superheroes for aeons right? So I definitely want to play a superhero and I want to have an interesting super power. I don’t know… Batgirl would be so cool!

She is the right age range for the role, and especially since it seems that Whedon’s script is influenced by Gail Simone’s comics it makes perfect sense. Plus she has the fan base both here in the United States and internationally due to her career in India’s Bollywood.

Now, it currently is only fan talk and nothing is set in stone but do you guys think that she is a good pick for the role? Sound off in the comments.

Brandon Richardson

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