Review: Trinity #10

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer & Artist: Francis Manapul

Letterer: Steve Wands



With some monstrous parasite army taking over the Watchtower and the league, the Trinity with the Flash race Cyborg to the escape pods to revive him. Aquaman has been taken over and the duo of Batman and Flash try to save him. Amidst the fight, Arthur manages to escape the hold of his captor briefly to ask for help. To make matters worse, Cyborg is fading fast, his limbs ripped off by the enemy.

What are these creatures doing? What do they want with the Watchtower and the League? Better yet, what is keeping Superman and Wonder Woman tied-up unable to help?


While this issue is packed with action, the writing and concept is where it really takes off. While this story does start to feel like a Justice League story as opposed to a Trinity story, each individual in the Trinity is the focus of various parts, which makes it feel smaller in scope than a Justice League story. There are also brief, but wonderful moments between the Dark Detective and Fastest Man Alive that show them really connecting. It is an unlikely due but given their professions and abilities, they clearly work well together.



This issue feels a little slow, or perhaps boring. The nature of this type of story makes it so that suspense must be built to make the threat of Cyborg’s dwindling life scary. Other than a few lines from Batman, nothing lets us know that his life is in real danger. We see him shut down, missing limbs, but that doesn’t build intensity in the moment. He can be rebuilt after all. This story simply doesn’t build the needed suspense to make it have the impact it needs.



This is an action packed brawl between the Trinity and an infected Justice League, readers will enjoy the action, brief moments of connection between characters, and of course, monsters!!

Konrad Secord-Reitz

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