Batmobiles in Cars 3?

Cars Batmobile - DC Comics News

What happens when Lightning McQueen goes to Hollywood? He comes across a Batmobile, of course. That scene was almost a reality in the latest installment of the Cars franchise.

Director Brian Fee recently revealed that in Cars 3, Lighting McQueen was supposed to go to a party in the Hollywood Hills. There he was to run into, not one but two, different versions of the Batmobile. The Batmobiles were meant to be actors from different incarnations of the batman franchise in the Cars world. It’s fun to speculate what the Batmobiles would be talking to one another about. Are they comparing notes of their experiences or maybe complaining that they were typecast.

Batmobiles - DC Comics News

But, unfortunately, the scene never made it when they decided to take the script in another direction. Were they thinking Ben Affleck could talk to Adam West or maybe Christian Bale was talking to George Clooney, or even better yet Michael Keaton talking to Kevin Conroy? We may never know, but the scene sure is fun to consider.

Which Batmobiles would you have liked to have had in the movie? Sound off in the comments below!

Cars 3 -DC Comics News

Cars 3 is in theaters now.

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