Wonder Woman Conquers China

Wonder Woman has set and broke records in the box office for the past month and she’s still going strong! Now in China, with Wonder Woman ending its 30-day run, it seems that the film has actually been renewed for another 30 days. In its 30 days, the DC Comics film acquired $88.6 million in ticket sales. Even with a property that’s not been proven on the big screen, and a lead actress that is not all that known, Wonder Woman proved to be a worthy competitor when it comes to being one among the blockbuster giants in China.

Moviegoers in China have changed since the superhero genre was launched, and every time a superhero film would come to their doors it should be expected that they do the heavy lifting. Even though Gal Gadot appeared in the three previous Fast and Furious films, it was in small roles so it didn’t make any lasting impression to the viewers, but this role will likely change that.

So, even if Wonder Woman under-indexed in China when it comes to sales, by far it is still a blockbuster success when it comes to sales in North America with $325 million and $660 million when it comes to worldwide sales. Also, even if the DC Comics film can’t make it in China’s top 20 highest grossing films this year, it made an impact and left an impression to moviegoers in China and around the world.

Reigh Carlo

Reigh Carlo

An aspiring Writer and Poet with high hopes to bring justice and truth to all people and to help others at all cost, just like the superheroes in comic books.