Review: Trinity #11

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Francis Manapul

Artists: Manapul, Scott Hanna & Scott Godlewski



With the parasites taking over the Watchtower and Wonder Woman to boot, Batman and Superman rush to keep the Watchtower from colliding with earth under the power of a cybernetic monster. Batman rushes to an escape pod to power Cyborg before a giant tentacle monster kills them both. Wonder Woman must fight off the virus from taking over her body and mind. Meanwhile, Superman fights off two infected Green Lantern’s while trying to stop the Watchtower from hitting the Earth.


The conclusion to the “Dead Space” arc was quick and tidy. The way that the two villains in this issue are presented, and their fate, is quite interesting, particularly the parasite. The design of The Perfect is a simple character that would make it invisible when it’s working properly and could be used in the future to talk about how humanity messes with our eco-system.

In this issue is also a great moment between the Trinity which feels reminiscent of the older generation of comics. Each of them is confident, happy, and have such camaraderie. It is a brief moment of nostalgia mixed in to the newest iteration of the heroes.


While Trinity #11 is just as long as most issues of comics, it feels quite short in comparison. This may be a result of the conflict of this arc being relatively simple when it comes to how the heroes save the day. What actually occurs in this issue is relatively brief and because of the simplicity of the plot it feels unmemorable. The conclusion also feels like a Deus ex machina with how little the Trinity needs to do in the reality of the situation.



Overall, this issue is fun and yet again, Manapul introduces us to a new character that will find a great spot in later arcs.

Konrad Secord-Reitz

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