SDCC 2017: Arrow Star Stephen Amell on How Lost Will Influence Series 6 Premiere

If you’re into television dramas about mysterious jungle islands then there are two shows for you; Arrow and Lost. The similarities aren’t lost on Arrow’s writing team or its leading star Stephen Amell.

At a rountable discussion at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con International, Amell talked about how his love for the show Lost has influenced the upcoming premiere of Arrow season 6:

“We flash back in 601 to the immediate aftermath of the explosion. I am all over the writers in a good way, having watched Lost twice and having so many questions still. I want to make sure that we properly unpack the aftermath of the explosion. How did it affect people. Who lived. Who died. What happened to them. We need to make the aftermath of that explosion the critical fulcrum point of Season 6, otherwise what was the point of Chase blowing up the island?”

Over the past five seasons the mysteries of the island Lian Yu have been slowly, oh so slowly, teased out into the plot of the show. Amell’s character Oliver Queen spent years living on/escaping off/returning to the island province, where he learned the deadly skills he needed to become the bow-weilding vigilante he would return to Star City as.

Fans will be pleased to know then that the new season will begin with some definite answers following the events of the seaon 5 finale. Will this mean more time will be dedicated to flash backs in this series? Potentially, if the creative team behind the show are aiming to answer the large-scale, Lost-type questions raised by the island explosion. Along with promises of answers, the showrunners have teased a new kind of “big bad” to antagonize Team Arrow in what they have suggested will be the darkest season of the show yet.

The Arrow Season 6 Premiere is scheduled for Thursday, October 12th at 9PM EST on The CW.