Dan DiDio Talks Legacy Numbering

According to the folks over at Bleedingcool.com, Dan DiDio spoke with BleedingCool.com recently in regards to all the anniversaries coming up for DC – and whether or not the books will return to their original “Legacy Numbering” a la Action Comics and Detective Comics.

Bleeding Cool asked:

Hey Dan DiDio I wanted to ask you about Legacy Numbering. Several DC titles are hitting milestone issues in the coming months:

The Flash will hit 700 issues with Vol. 5 #39

Batman will hit 800 issues will Vol. 3 #35

Wonder Woman will hit 700 issues with Vol. 5 #34

Superman will hit 800 issues with Vol. 4 #34

Is there any any chance these will revert to Legacy Numbering for these anniversaries?


Dan answered..

Thanks for the info and happy to say your numbers match our calculations. We will be acknowledging all these milestones in those titles, but Action 1000 is the big one!


So there you have it.. We may not be getting a return to the Legacy Numbering, but we will get some acknowledgment!  Be sure to pick up all those issues listed above to see how they celebrate these milestones!!


  • PortCreditAl

    Original numbering, please

  • Derek

    On the whole, I don’t think DC needs to restore the original numbering to everything. I am happy that they did so with Action and Detective, and I think they should do so with Superman and Batman as well. Those four titles are the only ones that have been published continuously (albeit with some variation in names and numbering) since they were started in the 30s/40s.