Legends of Tomorrow’s Brandon Routh Teases DeLorean Appearance in 80’s Episode

“Drive at 88 mph they said, it’ll be fun they said!”

Well we don’t know how fast the Waverider travels but if a recent Instagram photo posted by Brandon Routh is anything to go by we may get to see just how much fun 88 mph feels inside the classic DeLorean!

Routh, who plays Ray Palmer in the hit CW show Legends of Tomorrow has posted a photo of himself sitting inside the classic time machine.

The DeLorean was immortalized in the 1985 film Back to the Future where a young man named Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) finds himself sent back to the future while attempting to help his friend Dr. Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd) test his latest invention, a time travelling DeLorean.

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox in Back to the Future

The reference/appearance of the DeLorean will no doubt be linked to the 80’s episode which will see the Legends travel back to the 1980’s in an attempt to aid Stephen Spielberg, one of the most prolific directors of the time and Executive Producer of the Back to the Future Trilogy.

Also hash tagged in the photo is #RaysMom, suggesting this could also be the same episode that will introduce Susie Abromeit as Ray Palmers mother.

Legends of Tomorrow will return for its third season Tuesday, Oct 10th on the CW Network.

Rob Towsey

Rob Towsey

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