Marina Benedict And Benjamin Stockham Join Gotham Season 4

The cast of Gotham just got a bit larger. Marina Benedict, known for her role in Prison Break as assassin A&W and as Charlotte Wells in Torchwood, will play a character named Cherry. It seems Cherry runs a fight club in The Narrows. Apparently she holds power in that part of the city and will sometimes be a foe and a friend to our heroes as they try to make sense of and keep the city Gotham safe. She’ll serve as an ally as well as a powerful adversary to characters like Edward Nygma and Solomon Grundy.

Another cast addition is Benjamin Stockham. You may recognize him as Marcus in About A Boy. Stockham has signed on to guest-star Alex Winthrop, a bookish grandson of a museum curator who befriends Bruce as he’s tracking a mysterious artifact. Bruce will be left to make an impossible choice when he and Alex go on the run after dangerous forces target the artifact.

Gotham returns Thursday, Sept. 21.