The Hour is Upon Us! The First Images from DOOMSDAY CLOCK Maxi-Series are Revealed!

After the most dramatic reboot of the DC Comics Universe in recent history a massive “Rebirth” is taking place! The clock is ticking and we’re all racing toward a climax of earth-shattering proportions as we get closer to Doomsday!

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing! Just as fans were promised a renaissance of sorts with the latest company-wide “Rebirth” initiative that revisited the legacies of most of the DC Comics Universe most properly characters, the event comic that started it all written by Geoff John the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot will soon come to its final arc with the release of Doomsday Clock! The first-issue in the epic 12-part story arc will be released in the November, but fans won’t have much longer to wait for their first glimpse at the cover art for Issue #1.

Featuring art by Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson the covers are evocative of the classic Watchmen graphic novels written by Alan Moore with art by Dave Gibbons, which introduced an “elsewhere” type narrative that we now know has been running in a “binary” timeline within the DC Comics multiverse. Readers have recently learned that 10 Years have been exorcised from the lives of our favorite characters, as a result of the transgression of events following the “FlashPoint” incident.

With the multiverse in a state of fractured affairs, some heroes are returning from the void, like the Titans member Wally West who had been missing after the recent “reboot”, along with many of the classic Golden Age heroes — all of which are attempting to exert their existence. Both The Flash and Batman recently followed a mysterious trail left by “The Button” that revealed to them missing pieces of the timeline and reinserted them into the last days of the “FlashPoint” alternate existence.

The pair were rescued by Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, who appears to be similarly trapped as Wally West as in an in-between world and can only be freed once Barry Allen is able to recall who the classic hero is! It’s clear that someone — a very powerful someone — has taken apart the timeline and affected the continuity, thought to what end no one is very clear about, at least not yet. Doomsday Clock will hopefully answer that great mystery as it examines events one-year into the future, eventually concluding as the story aligns with the present.

Doomsday Clock a twelve-issue comic event is written by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Frank and be hitting the newsstands in November. The series will bring together the characters from the mainstream DC Comics Universe with those from the Watchmen series for the first time!

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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