Batman Beyond – Now We Know Why Batman Quit

Since Batman Beyond joined the cannon of the DC Universe a few years ago there has been  some very important stories to add to the legend of the title character of the beloved animated series. One mystery, however, has remained a mystery. Why did Bruce Wayne give up the cowl?

In the series and comic we know Bruce Wayne as the old and grey mentor of the new Batman, Terry McGinnis. Now we know why he gave up on being the Caped Crusader. Turns out it was the Banes.

Four (yes, four) thugs souped up with the Venom formula that made the original Bane such a formidable foe. The only way he was able to defeat the Banes was by using an AI batsuit that could fight on even when Bruce was too broken to continue. Well, now Terry wants to use it and Bruce had tell him the history and the dangers.

For how this all pans out be sure to keep reading Batman Beyond.