Armie Hammer Still Denies Green Lantern Rumors

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For the past few months, actor Armie Hammer has been under the surveillance of DC Comics fans to be cast as Hal Jordan Green Lantern. But it seems that he may not be heading to the DC Extended Universe just yet.

In a recent interview with ET Canada, Hammer says that he hasn’t received any calls from Warner Bros. with the potential role in the Justice League film. “No, no one’s called me,” says the actor, “no one’s called me. No nothing.

Back in June, Armie Hammer gave a similar answer to the potential role in the DCEU. But still fans are staying strong, hoping that he’d be given the chance to be an Emerald Knight. After all, Armie Hammer was the one who started it all by trolling fans last December.

After a while, Hammer quickly retracted his trolling comments, but this didn’t stop fans from hoping that he’d be having his debut in Justice League. Fans even photoshopped some of his pictures in full Green Lantern glory and even added him in some Justice League scenes and promotional pictures.

But if Hammer doesn’t receive a call to be Green Lantern, he expressed his interest in playing another DC character and it is none other than Captain Marvel/Shazam. And when fans heard this, a new set of photoshopped pictures spawned on the Internet with Armie Hammer as the Big Red Cheese, which is pretty awesome. With Shazam! being the next DC film to be heading to production, our fingers are crossed that Armie Hammer may be cast as the titular hero.

Justice League is set to open this November 17 on theaters worldwide.

Reigh Carlo

Reigh Carlo

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