‘Justice League’ Tops ‘Wonder Woman’ In The Box Office

It has been a long time coming but its finally here, Justice League. I spent many days of my childhood reading comics about the team and just being obsessed. Obviously critics don’t seem to be too thrilled about the the film, but theaters are being filled by fans trying to form their own opinion. It turns out that the latest entry to the DCEU brought in $13 million during Thursday night previews.

It is still far behind Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Beauty and the BeastSpider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok. Yet Justice League beats Wonder Woman which debuted $11 million back in June. This is promising but Warner Bros. still has a lot on the line and many DCEU spin-off fates could be affected by whether or not Justice League has long term success. Some sources say that the superhero film will have to gain over $600 million dollars to break even. I’m sure Warner Bros. has some high hopes considering that Wonder Woman racked in $800 million worldwide during its theatrical run.

To sum it up please don’t base your decisions on critics own opinions. Form your own thoughts about the movie and I’m sure other die-hard fans like myself will thoroughly enjoy this legendary team-up and its first appearance on the big screen. You can catch Justice League in theaters now.

  • Planet Pop Culture

    Be a hero…take your friends and family to the nearest cinema and watch Justice League. Movie is phenomenal! Spread the word out.

  • Maccafan

    I like justice League, I think it’s a good movie but I’m let down.

    What happened? WHERE’S THE NEW GOD CONNECTION? That’s what I was looking forward to the most!

    I absolutely loved STEPPENWOLF, he’s a SERIOUS BAD_ _ _ in the movie, but he never connected with Apokolips? Would have been totally cool if he had reported back to Darkseid in some way. The battle with him and the Amazons is absolutely thrilling! I actually had to take a breath when it was over!

    since the Darkseid connection was taken out, it may be years now before we ever get to see Darkseid on the big screen, if we ever see him at all!

    None of the scenes that were in the trailers was in the movie, I hate when they take very good material out of the movie and we have to wait and see it in the special features section of the blu-ray!

    LEAVE THE GOOD STUFF IN THE MOVIE THAT’S RELEASED TO THE THEATERS! Don’t want to have to wait for the Director’s cut! The director’s cut should be the one in the theaters!

    What’s with the 2 hour time limit anyway?

    Didn’t really like the lighter tone, this is the movie that should have really been SERIOUS, because there’s nothing light or humorous about one of Darkseid’s generals showing up!

    The characters were great, though I think Flash should be older and Batman wasn’t his dark brooding self, he was a little too light.

    The movie had some of the very best superhero action, kept me on the edge of my seat! the end credit scenes were okay, I’m tired of Lex Luther, he’s been in too many movies. I wanted something that led to Darkseid!

    When is DC going to do a New Gods movie anyway? It should have been done and released this year, it being Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday and all?! Somebody dropped the ball BIG TIME!

    Overall Justice League is a very good movie, but if they had stayed with the NEW GODS connection, and this movie led to the next with anticipation of an epic all out showdown with Darkseid, that would have taken it to the NEXT LEVEL!