PREVIEWS Exclusive DAH Justice League Figures Made Available

Beast Kingdom introduced its new Dynamic 8ction Heroes Proportional figure series as PREVIEWS exclusives in 2017.  The series features realistic appearances on a 1/9th scale action figure with a plethora of accessories that allow the owner to vary display options.  Beast Kingdom will now be releasing a Justice League series of characters after great reception was received from their Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice series.  They will also be releasing an addition Batman v Superman figure as well. They will all be displayed below and can be pre-ordered at a local comic book shop.

The figure above is the Armored Batman.  It features Beast Kingdom’s realistic design accompanied by a grapple gun, kryptonite gun, and batarangs to help fully display his character like it was in the movie.

The second figure is Batman, as seen in the movie Justice League, wearing his Tactical Bat Suit.  This figure focuses on being as identical to Ben Affleck as possible while still having high maneuverability.  The figure uses scanned 3D images of Affleck’s face and detailing to make the figure seem as lifelike as possible.  The figure has 30 movable joints, alloy Batarangs, a grapple gun, and hands in various positions to mimic Batman from the movie.

The next figure also uses scanned 3D imaging and manual detailing to create Ciaran Hinds’s Steppenwolf.  He is painted with a refractive coating, is 22cm tall, has 20 movable joints, and carries an electro-axe and hands in various positions.  Now the owner of this figure can join Steppenwolf on his quest to invade Earth and steal the Mother Boxes.

The Flash figure above was made using 3D imaging of Ezra Miller and manual detailing.  All of the colors on the costume are accurate to the story, and the figure comes with over 30 movable joints, Flash special effects, and hands in various positions to mimic his actions from the movie.

The figure above is Arthur Curry A.K.A Aquaman, controller of the seas.  Played by Jason Momoa, the figure above comes with over 30 movable joints, wave special effects, an alloy Poseidon Trident, and hands in various positions to mimic his actions from the movie.

The final figure is Victor Stone A.K.A Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, featured above.  The figure has over 20 movable joints, a built in LED to mimic the effects in the movie, cannon-fitted arms to mimic shape-shifting, special effect components to help mimic a shock wave when Cyborg begins to fly, and hands in various positions to mimic his actions from the movie.

Ari Bard

I am currently a Sophomore at Case Western Reserve University studying mechanical engineering. I have been in love with DC since I saw the animated series and movies in the early 2000s. I started reading comics regularly at the start of Rebirth. My favorite character is Martian Manhunter.