Dan Jurgens Brings Back Booster Gold

The talented Dan Jurgens, who both writes and draws Action Comics since the Rebirth initiative kicked off back in 2016, has had one spectacular run on the book which includes the recently concluded “Oz Effect” storyline. Apparently, Mr. Oz has been revealed to be Jor-El, Superman’s father, which causes Kal-El to question everything, so he seeks out Booster Gold and his time traveling abilities to get answers.

This new storyline is a bit of homecoming for Jurgens and the time traveling superhero, as Jurgens is the one who created the character back in 1986. He recently sat down for an interview, and below are a few highlights about the upcoming storyline, starting in Action Comics #993:


On his epic return to the character :

Yeah, it’s always fun to get back to Booster. I try not to force the issue when it happens, but in terms of Superman’s quest to go back in time to see if Jor-El really survived Krypton’s explosion, well… it’s a natural.

On Booster Gold’s part in the upcoming storyline:

“If Superman is going back to the moment of Krypton’s destruction (which he is), he’s putting himself in a very precarious position. What happens if he’s stuck on Krypton when the planet blows? How would that change time? Because of that, Booster gets involved.”

On what to expect in the upcoming storyline:

“Booster and Superman get to see a Krypton that might be, as well as a Zod related planet that will be. It sets us up for some strong material going forward.…… I think the “Booster Shot” storyline will provide a lot of fun to the book. Coming out of “The Oz Effect,” we wanted to get a bit lighter, without forgetting the elements we were dealing with as part of the story. All of that comes together here in a storyline that I think readers will really enjoy.”

On his penciling, drawing and writing duties on the upcoming storyline:

It’s taxing, as I’m still writing a lot of stuff as well, but it’s been fun to come back for the covers. I’m also drawing two issues, #993 and #994, which is also a lot of fun! I really wish I had more time to draw.”


I personally cannot wait to see what to see what new adventures Superman and Booster Gold get into, it looks be epic.