New York City Street Is Named After Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger

For many years, comic book fans only knew Bob Kane as the sole creator of Batman, who came up with the Caped Crusader back in the 1930’s. For really astute fans, they will recognize that Bob Kane did not come up with the moniker of “Caped Crusader” but rather that distinction goes to Bill Finger. Now, Bill Finger is honored by the borough of the Bronx in the city of New York by having a street renamed in his honor.

A small crowd gathered in the Bronx to witness the renaming ceremony which included the voice of Batman himself, Kevin Conroy. The street will hereby be named Bill Finger Way in his honor. Conroy shared some images on his Facebook public page that you can see down below:

In the images shared by Conroy, you can also spot members of Bill Finger’s family such as Finger’s granddaughter Athena Finger, great-grandson, and step-son Steve Simmons. Also in attendance is author and longtime champion of getting Finger his recognition, Mark Tyler Nobleman. You can see his images down below:

If you recall, Nobleman was instrumental in getting Finger his proper recognition for a long time. The process was recorded and turned into a documentary entitled With Bill Finger (you can see our article on the film here) which I would highly recommend you should watch if you’re really into comic book history. The story of Bill Finger and his involvement with the creation of Batman and the legal battle that ensued afterwards makes for compelling watching.

In the meantine, if you ever find yourself on Bill Finger Way in the Bronx, be sure to stop and take a look at the sign and reflect on the legend of the Caped Crusader and the man behind a character that so many people love and cherish.

Joseph Marcas

Joseph is a contributor to DC Comics News and hopes to someday become a superhero. He enjoys writing, politics, and everything between ballet and monster truck rallies.