With BLACK LIGHTNING about to strike the latest promo reveals more about the hero’s “Secret Origin”!

The anticipation surrounding the upcoming fifth live-action DC superhero series coming to The CW Black Lightning is beyond electrically charged! During the recent annual crossover event “Crisis on Earth-X” the current primetime shows teased the new series starring Cress Williams in the title role, and a new trailer revealed even more about the “secret origins” of the urban avenger Jefferson Pierce who has come out of “retirement” to protect his city from an imminent threat and emerging corruption.

Every fanboy and girl loves a good origin story, though in today’s overly-saturated, genre media landscape, there aren’t all-too many different ways of telling a hero’s first steps and excite the motivations that inspire them to take on a dual identity. Arrow introduced us to Oliver Queen (played by Stephen Amell) who after a five-year exile returned to exact revenge on the cancer that was claiming his city. The first several seasons of Arrow set the stage for the introduction of the Green Arrow.

On the first spin-off to extend the world(s) established by the Arrowverse audiences were introduced to CSI investigator Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) who after fatefully struck by lightning on the night a particle accelerator explosion that releases black matter energy becomes the impossible! Allen becomes The Flash the fastest man alive on a quest to stop super powered “meta humans” from menacing the innocent civilians of Central City!

With Black Lightning we’re getting introduced to whole new kind of superhero! Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) was at one-time a much feared vigilante who protected his city from crime and corruption, but he’s given that up. Now resigned to his work as a high school principal and a father, Pierce is convinced that in order to regain order his services as the hero are being called back into service, although this time, he may not have to go into battle alone…

Black Lightning premieres on January 16 @ 9pm following The Flash and will replace DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in the mid-season.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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