Syfy’s Krypton Gets March Premiere Date

The origins of our favorite DC Universe characters have always been of much interest, as every fan would like to see how their characters came to be. That is why Smallville, gained the audience it did during its run, and why Gotham has succeeded.

Now fans are getting to know the world where Kal-El came from. As confirmed by the network itself, the premiere of Krypton will take place on March 21st on SyFy. It is set two generations before the man who would be known as Superman was born, centering on his grandfather, Seg-El, at a time where the family’s name has been shamed and he has to do everything in his power to restore the House’s integrity. Below is one of the most recent trailers:


Fans of Superman will be waiting with baited breath to see if this one lives up to the potential that the set pictures, as well as trailers like the one above, promises viewers.