The Speed Force is Strong on The CW’s hit THE FLASH

Actress Violett Beane has been sighted on the set of The Flash. Has the Earth-2 heroine returned to tie up loose ends with her former beau Wally West, or will she be joining Central City’s team for good…and did she bring an ally along for a new adventure?

The latest season of The CW hit series The Flash has seen Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) Central City’s premiere Scarlet Speedster facing against a calculated conspiracy designed by the mastermind The Thinker, a meta-human menace that can plot any innumerable tactics against our heroes almost as quickly as The Flash is fast on his feet. The Thinker’s schemes have landed Barry in prison, and it took the combined might of The Flash lead by Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) and the talents of new recruit Ralph Digby (Hartley Sawyer) to get her husband out of Iron Heights!

It’s been a wild ride ever since Barry returned from the Speed Force, only to learn that a new adversary, The Thinker (played by Neil Sandilands) had constructed a plan around The Flash’s “rebirth” and has since been manipulating events, including the introduction of several super-powered meta-humans — among the Digby, The Elongated Man. The Thinker framed Barry for his murder, but unknown to the team at the time, had switched bodies with one of his victims in order to continue to wreck havoc in Central City. Although Barry has been exonerated of the murder of Clifford DeVoe, The Thinker is still one-step ahead of our heroes.

Determined to finally put an end to The Thinker, The Flash may find himself facing a dangerous challenge that will have him teaming up with “The Flash” of two worlds — specifically Earth-2 and Earth-3. It can be confirmed that the March 6 episode entitled “Enter Flashtime” will feature Jesse Quick (guest star Violett Beane) and the return of Jay Garrick, guest star John Wesley Shipp, who has been absent most of this season, although relevantly mentioned throughout. The same can be said about Jesse Quick, who only made an appearance to break-up with Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale), a decision that thrust Kid Flash out of Central City for a time.

Social networking sites have indicated that Violett Beane has been seen back on the Vancouver set hanging out casually with her cast mates, and chilling with her pet dog. Beane has proven herself a fan favorite and her Earth-2 dad, Harrison Wells (series regular Tom Cavanagh) has been musing about visiting his daughter in recent storylines.

Fortunately for longtime “legacy” fans of The Flash mythology, the episode written by Todd Helbing and Sterling Gates, unites The Flashes as they must think on their feet to stop a nuclear device from destroying Central City. In a season that has been mostly devoid of speedsters, the Speed Force continues to evolve as a character on the series. This season Barry learned that he can move into “Flashtime” causing everything and everyone around him to practically to a stop, unless he pulls someone in with him. He used this new power to talk with Iris clandestinely during his trail.

Alongside Jesse Quick and Garrick, The Flashes will be using their powers in startling new ways in the episode, much to the thrill of John Wesley Shipp who gets to flex some new muscles as the Crimson Comet in this episodes. “You get to see Barry and Jay work together as a team, and Grant and I work together with a familiarity that hasn’t been seen since Season One,” the actor said. “It’s something that I’ve missed since the days of Barry and Henry.” While on the convention circuit, fans often ask Shipp if their characters will have an opportunity to develop that bond that is a significant part of the relationship between the comic book heroes.

The episode will satisfy that expectation among faithful fans who have been hoping “The Flash” legacy would be revisited and would prove a viable narrative on the series. With Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick running alongside Barry Allen, it appears that The Flash is gaining momentum and back on track — giving fans the fast forward excitement that they’ve come to expect! “Enter Flashtime” will air on Tuesday, March 6. The Flash starring Grant Gustin and Candice Patton airs on The CW, and guest stars Violett Beane and John Wesley Shipp

JC Alvarez

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