Previews: Justin Jordan on what is upcoming with Green Lantern New Guardians with a preview of Green Lantern New Guardians #21

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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Green Lantern New Guardians have been one of the Green Lantern family of titles that has changed the pre-Flashpoint history of the Green Lanterns especially Kyle Rayner.  We have a new origin on how he got the ring, some changes on the events after he got the ring, and more.  Justin Jordan debuted in the New 52 with Deathstroke, however his run with that title was cut short.  His plans for Green Lantern New Guardians sound again like something fans have been looking forward to for New Guardians and Kyle Rayner.

CV: Is Kyle’s supporting cast going to remain extraterrestrial or will he reconnect with his Earthly roots? Additionally, can you drop any hints about the roster?

JJ: I can tell you there is a reason for the book to be called “new guardians.” I can also tell you somebody else from Earth will be a supporting character in the book.

CV: If you could describe your NEW GUARDIANS run in five words, what would they be?

JJ: Bad-ass cosmic exploration.

Also it is stated in the interviews that Kyle is still outside of the Green Lantern Corps and on his own, however the Templar Guardians and do send him on a mission.

With Green Lanterns New Guardians joining the Green Lantern Family of titles with new writers and artists, what do you want to see changed in this series? What do you hope is done with Kyle? What will be the new role of the New Guardians?

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Source: DC Comics, Newsarama, & Comic Vine

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