SUPERBOY: Jordan Writes Teen Angst & Dire Wolves

New writer, Justin Jordan, will be writing teen angst and dire wolves on his run of Superboy. Click the jump to see more.

Justin Jordan (previous writer of Team 7  and Deathstroke) is best with a solo book that has some kind of teen angst character who is figuring himself out. So, why not give Jordan, Superboy? Jordan is the writer of the Luther Strode series and well, let’s just say it’s really cool series to read for that lore of a young character becoming a superhero. You should really check out the series. Anyway, Jordan explains his take on the character, Superboy below:

 I want to spend more time establishing who Superboy is now before I start looking into the threads of how he got there. I’m tryingsuperboy to write him as a super-teenager, which he is, in a literal sense! When you’re a teenager, you’re experiencing all this stuff basically for the first time.  You’re trying to decide who you are versus who you’ve been told you are, which you don’t necessarily think of in those terms, but that’s what the whole teenage rebellion thing really is. That’s where a lot of your adult personality starts to form. I thought it’d be interesting to examine that in somebody where all that’s true in a more extreme way. Superboy is only a couple of months old at this point. He’s got an education, he has knowledge installed in his brain, but he hasn’t really experienced all this stuff. There’s a difference between knowing something and going through it. So we’re evolving that idea.

It’s best to say that this is what Superboy has been missing for awhile. The readers don’t really know who the character is in The New 52. We know what he is, but we don’t know his personality, his fears, or his motivations that much. For the most part, it has been hinted here and there. However, the Superboy title has more plot driven than character driven for the last twenty issues. Jordan is getting to the core of the character and will be pairing Superboy up with his own pet, Krypto.

Now Krypto, we all know who he is. The Silver Age dog with the red cape that flies around with the Superman family, right? Yeah, that’s we know. But, in The New 52, he’s going to be reinvented into a big bad ass white wolf. I would say think more of the dire wolves in Game of Thrones or think more of Jon Snow’s wolf, Ghost. Yeah, now that’s going to be a bad ass companion.

From what we know of Superboy, we know that he has been in Teen Titans. So, will we be seeing more of the Teen Titans in Superboy? Jordan answers that as well below:

superboy4At least initially, my preference is to keep the Teen Titans off the page, to a certain extent. Obviously Bunker is Superboy’s best friend, and frankly, I like writing Bunker. He’s a fun character, so he’s in there, but I’m trying to keep this more Superboy doing his own thing, separate from the Teen Titans. I think we need to spend some time with Superboy more or less on his own to really get into the character and his personality — who he is and how he’s different from Superman, and how he’s going to continue to be different from Superman. We need to really establish him before we start bouncing him off the Teen Titans, which is not to say we won’t see members or the whole team show up in the future. But I would prefer it not be as crossover-y right now.

There you have it. It’s more of a Superboy solo book, where we will get to see the character build on his life experiences with his new dire wolf companion, Krypto. If you would like to see more of the interview, please go to the source link below. Check out the preview pages of Superboy #21 coming out June 12th.

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