WAKE: The Covers By Sean Murphy

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Check out the covers of the new underwater horror, Wake. Click the jump to see more.

An unspeakable horror bubbles up from the depths of the ocean. Sean Murphy illustrated the covers for the new series, Wake. From Issue #1 through 5, Murphy illustrates what’s to come for the series on the covers. Here’s what Murphy had to say about Wake

 “Just as scary as American Vampire, but with a lot less oxygen. It’s really good that this is an ocean-centric book, because Scott the waketalks about primal fear — we almost have to be underwater, because that’s where our basest fear comes from. I mean, think about it. Would you rather fight a bear on land or a shark in the water? People would rather have the bear, because you’re standing.But water, it’s like, ‘Get me out of there!’ It’s one of the scariest things people can imagine.”

Leave it up to Scott Snyder (writer of BatmanAmerican Vampire) to manipulate and exploit common fears in his stories. You really have to appreciate and love that man’s work as a writer. He is surely a force of nature!

See the cover banner below. You will see a banner filled with all five issues of Wake cover combined together. This banner looks like a cool poster to print out or have on your desktop.

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