Francesco Francavilla Plans 1972 Batman Elseworlds Story

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Francesco Francavilla, acclaimed comic artist known for his pulp style covers and art, has been teasing art for an Elseworlds Batman story called “Batman 1972” on his personal tumblr page.

Batman 1972 is essentially what Batman would be like if he were a crime fighter in the overly exaggerated, pulpy, and hardboiled version of 1972. Francavilla is keeping it time accurate with a Batman who smokes, wears a trench coat and turtle neck, and drives a rad 1970’s Oldsmobile Batmobile. Along with art of Batman, we get art of Jim Gordon, “Foxy” Catwoman, and The Riddler which can all be viewed on Francavilla’s tumblr.

The sooner this one comes out the better, this seems like a perfect idea for crazy elseworlds story that could attract many potential readers!

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Source: Francesco Francavilla’s Tumblr


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