Red Son Pack 2 and Blackest Night Pack 1 Leaked/Announced for Injustice!

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Earlier this week on the Injustice Facebook page it was revealed that 7 new skins would be announced over the course of this week. However, a day later all of these skins were leaked onto the Xbox LIVE marketplace, and swiftly removed after a few hours. DCN managed to download one of these skin packs, and plenty of images are circulating around the web.

The first pack is Red Son Pack 2 (Previous pack containing Superman, Wonder Woman and Grundy) which contains Red Son Batman, Hal Jordan, and Deathstroke. All the characters in this pack (besides Deathstroke) are from Mark Millar’s Superman Red Son. This pack will be available for purchase on Xbox LIVE and the PSN for 2.99 on June 11th

Red Son Pack 2Batman_Superman-Red-SonRed Son Green Lantern


The Second Pack is The Blackest Night Pack 1 (Blackest Night Batman was offered as Pre-Order DLC on has skins based on the DC Comic event of the same name, featuring Superman, Flash, and Doomsday (Black Lantern Doomsday is an original character not featured in Blackest Night). This pack will be available for purchase on Xbox LIVE and the PSN for 2.99 on June 11th

Blackest Night Pack 1blackest night flashBlack-Lantern-Superman-dc-comics-16567286-514-756

The Compatibility update (free of charge) features the Doomsday Contamination Suit featured in Death of Superman.

containment doomsdaydoomsday

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