As we enter the journey with Stormwatch across the universe, what happens next?

Stormwatch has been rather erratic since they decided to erase all the history that’s happened between #1-#19. It has a new team consisting of the Engineer, Hellstrike, the Weird, and new characters Jenny Soul, the Forecaster, and Force. Obviously Jim Starlin will have to do some work to make sure that move was justified, but the audience already approves of him sending Midnighter and Apollo back into their old costumes. The team finds itself meeting the Kollective and Lobo in this issue, and we get to see some glimpses of Jenny Souls evident power and learn more about just who the Kollective actually are, and why Lobo is so powerful.


Jim Starlin’s decision to revert Apollo and Midnighter into their old costumes was a good one. The costumes are great, and Apollo looks better long white hair. A little comedy also in this issue and it flows well, doesn’t seem forced much and the team feels like they have slight chemistry. Also, there’s finally an explanation as to why Lobo’s power seems to vary so much.

Pesky Justice League, with their stupid rules!


A common criticism of this comic is that the story has become confusing to readers. Is it an attempt to make the story sound more epic? Perhaps, but the writing has become overly convoluted and difficult to comprehend. Lobo’s explanation sound’s extremely forced. Any DC reader will tell you that Lobo is incredibly powerful, but the way they’ve tried giving us that information in this issue feels like they want us to just acknowledge that Lobo is god-tier powerful, which detracts from his character. I was also let down by some of the artwork in this comic.


The painful EEEEAARRG!

Verdict:Rating2 (2/5)

Stormwatch #21 was not a strong issue, and the consistent dreadfulness of this title continues. Stormwatch has a lot of potential, but at the moment it is wasted.