The Riddler Steps in for a New Story in Legends of The Dark Knight

by Curtis Van Impe
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This week saw the release of the first issue of a new story featuring The Riddler in the digital pages of Legends of the Dark Knight.

The new story arc, called “Riddler in the Dark”, will run for the next three weeks on various digital platforms before being collected in print. The issues feature art by Dennis Calero, perhaps best known for his acclaimed work on X-Men Noire, and is written by Charles Soule, who is quickly making a name for himself in the industry. Soule, backed by his extensive indie work, has recently signed on with DC to pen both Swamp Thing and Red Lanterns, as well as various villains month books including Lex Luthor #1, Black Hand #1and Arcane #1. Here’s what Soule had to say about the upcoming story featuring The Riddler:


“Honestly, I’ve always been a puzzle guy, and every Riddler story (well, the vast majority of them) has conundrums as a central plot point. They’re fun to read, because they have a few different entry points to the story–the riddle might hook you just as much as the action or characters. Some of my previous work has prominently featured puzzles or secret messages (especially 27 and Strange Attractors). Writing a story featuring one of the great riddlers in popular culture was a natural fit for me.”

To read the full interview with Soule, head on over to Newsarama 

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Source- Newsarama

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