DC Comics Provides All-Access Look at the Creation of Jim Lee’s SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 Gatefold Poster

by Curtis Van Impe
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DC released a first look at the gatefold poster today inside the highly anticipated Superman Unchained #1  by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. DC did a press releases discussing the recently revealed art, which you can find below along with a picture of the poster and a page of art from the first issue.


“Since it was first announced, Jim Lee’s gatefold poster inside of SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 is something that fans have been clamoring for an inside look at. Today, the wait is over, as fans can head over to the DC Comics website to watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Lee providing an all access look at the creation of this unique and stunning piece of art – which can also be seen as a standalone image on DC Comics’ official fan blog.


Since bursting onto the scene in June of 1938, Superman’s larger-than-life adventures have captured our imaginations and inspired countless fans. Seventy-five years later, Superman remains a relevant and vibrant character and the new comic book series SUPERMAN UNCHAINED stands ready to inspire a new generation.

Superman Unchained brings together some of comics’ brightest stars: renowned writer Scott Snyder (Batman, Swamp Thing) and celebrated artists Jim Lee (Justice League, Batman: Hush) and Scott Williams (Batman: The Dark Knight). The premier issue also features a wide variety of variant covers that celebrate Superman’s 75 years of rich history including the 1930’s variant by Bruce Timm, the Golden Age variant by Dave Johnson, the Silver Age variant by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, the Bronze Age variant by Neal Adams, the Modern Age variant by Jerry Ordway, the “Superman Reborn” variant by Dan Jurgens, the “Superman vs. Lex Luthor” variant by Lee Bermejo and the New 52 variant by Brett Booth. Superman Unchained #1 is an explosive beginning for the Man of Steel’s next adventure.


When thirteen satellites fall from the sky in one day, the obvious suspect is Lex Luthor…even though he’s still locked up in prison! But a stranger question remains: If Superman didn’t stop the last satellite from falling, who did? Unlocking this mystery will pit Superman against an all-new villain that will test him in ways he never imagined.

“We really wanted to do a Superman story that shows him in ways you haven’t seen before, exploring his powers and why he does what he does from certain vantage points that you might not have seen before,” said Snyder. We want it to feel classic and iconic, but also fresh and different.” Lee added that, “We’re having fun creating new buildings, locations, characters, secret organizations…really cool stuff!”


“It’s the sort of Superman story I’d do if I only had once chance to write a Superman story,” Snyder said. “He’s going to be shaken to his core – emotionally, psychologically and physically.”


It’s a great year to be a Superman fan. Not only is the Last Son of Krypton starring in SUPERMAN UNCHAINED, but you can also catch him in the highly anticipated motion picture, Man of Steel and another brand new comic book series, BATMAN/SUPERMAN by writer Greg Pak and artist Jae Lee. This truly is the summer of Superman!

SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 flies into stores on June 12.




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Source- DC Comics

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