Hurwitz Brings More Villains to Batman: The Dark Knight

by Jared Miller
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Batman-Dark-Knight art 2Since Gregg Hurwitz took over Batman: The Dark Knight we’ve seen a slurry of villains profiled; Scarecrow, Penguin and The Mad Hatter, and now
he’s got his sights on another classic Bat-baddie: Clayface. Though he was briefly introduced into the New 52 in Batman: The Dark Knight #3, and later in Batman #19 and #20, Hurwitz has big plans for Gotham’s gooey goliath. Hurwitz told Newsarama that:

“Clayface is a spectacular narcissist, desperate for recognition, eager not just to fit in, but to be adored and worshipped. Actors! The thing is, he’s willing to do anything to get there. And he strikes a deal with the devil in the process. At least Gotham’s version of the devil…the most conniving villain of the underworld…He’s anyone anywhere at anytime. Your father tucking you in at night. A police officer sneaking up from behind and tapping your shoulder. The stalker in the night oozing through the heating vent. You’re never safe when Clayface is on the loose.

Hurwitz is not alone in this task though he’s working with Ethan Van Sciver and Alex Maleev and couldn’t be happier about it.

Those guys are a dream. The best part of my job, beside writing the greatest comic book character in history, is working with the top artists in the world. With Finch, Van Awesome, and Maleev, I get to do just that.

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Source: Newsarama

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