Ray Fawkes on the upcoming Trinity of Sins: Pandora series

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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In Flashpoint #5, she was simply the “mystery woman.”  Then we saw her appear in every #1 issue of the first two waves of the New 52.  Next, her name was revealed as “Pandora” right before her debut of sorts in the Free Comic Day 2012 issue leading into this year’s Trinity War. The continuity has been building into next month’s Trinity War, Pandora starts her own series.  Trinity writer Ray Fawkes sheds some light on the enigmatic character.

“I’ll say this: Pandora believes that she has a unique ability to solve the world’s problems, and while that may initially involve the Justice League, it will ultimately spin off in a direction that is entirely her own,” Fawkes told Comicosity this week. “Her approach will no doubt seem strange to the rest of the world, and will mark her as a target for heroes and villains to oppose…Her history so profoundly affects her present that we can’t help but call out to it.”


Pandora’s story development has intrigued many DC readers.  In Flashpoint #5, she appeared out of the blue, making further appearances in second wave comics.  Her origin in FCBD 2012 just added to the character with the Council of Wizards, Phantom Stranger, Question, and more. And now, with her use in Phantom Stranger and Justice League as well her huge role in Trinity War which will lead into Forever Evil, this title should be a surprise hit for the New 52.

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Source: Comicosity

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